Here at Crusader Vans we have inquisitive minds and have been wondering what the new number plates will look like in March 2010. We are currently on the ’59 plate prefix as of September 2009 but where will we go from March 2010……?

Registration plates on today’s vehicles were first changed in September 2001. The format since then has been two letters at the beginning known as ‘local memory tags’, followed by two numbers to indicate the year of registration, known as ‘age identifiers’, followed by three more elements known as the ‘random element’.
Number plates are changed every 6 months to indicate the half year using a 0 or a 5. For example the first half of 2009 is shown as 09 and the second half as 59.

So, what will happen when we move into double figures next year?
From March 2010 the age identifier will be 10, followed by 60 in September 2010. In March 2011 the age identifier will be 11, followed by 61 in September 2011.
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) say this pattern will continue until all the permutations are exhausted. This is expected to be 2050.

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