What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is a new standard in that has been produced to try to reduce the level of harmful gas being emitted. In many areas, new legislation is being produced to target none Euro 6 Commercial Vehicles.

Under Euro 6 different emissions have been set for petrol and diesel engines. With a diesel engine compared to Euro 5 permitted level of NOx has been reduced by 55% from 180mg/km to only 80mg/km. 

How Does Euro 6 Work?

To reduce the level of NOx emitted by Diesel engines and allow them to conform to Euro 6 extra technologies have been developed.

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction):

As found in most medium and lager sized vans and pickups. This technology utilises AdBlue/DEF/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (an aqueous urea solution 32/5% Urea to 67/5% Deionised Water ISO 22241). In basic terms AdBlue works by helping to convert NOx in to Nitrogen and Water.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter):

Often found in smaller vans. DPF functions by the capturing the soot particles in exhaust gas which are then burnt automatically under a high temperature periodically. DPF dose this to regenerate the filter and thusly maintain exhaust gas emissions.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation):

This reduces NOx emissions by the circulation of a percentage of the engine’s exhaust fumes back into the engine cylinders.  This found on some Fiat models.

How Do I Use AdBlue/DEF?

You will notice that your van has an extra tank to store the DEF solution. On most vans this fluid can be topped but up filling the cap next to the Diesel that is generally colour coded blue. Most of these tanks are sized 10-20 Litres.  These tanks can take up to 30-80kg of a van’s payload so compared to previous Euro 5 vans the max payload will be reduced.

As with most other fluids such as oil, water and Diesel the topping up of DEF will be your responsibility. DEF can be purchased at most service stations and retailers costing between £8-20 per bottle. It can also be purchased in bulk so if you run a fleet of vans it will probably be advantageous to purchase in bulk and fill up at your own locations.

Advantages Of Euro 6

Despite some of the outlay of Adblue/DEF and the reduced payload by having the tank. There are in face many advantages of having a Euro 6 engine. You will benefit from a reduced carbon foot print. Better fuel efficiency and economy which should mean you won’t have to fill your van up as often.

If you are planning to be running your van in London at all during its lifecycle Euro 6 engines comply with London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). ULEZ is currently scheduled to come into effect in September 2020 through Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn is considering an earlier introduction. Unlike the Congestion Charge the ULEZ 24hrs a day 364 days a year.  If you drive in the ULEZ in a van that does not conform to Euro 6 you will be facing a daily charge of £12.50.

A kick on from the ULEZ will also see that residual value of the Euro 6 will be more than a Euro 5 as those operating in or around London will be less likely to want to purchase a Euro 5 van.

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