Here at Crusader we are driven by delivering you the best possible product for your needs. We noticed that there has been a real want a great priced Sport Van. That is how the Vortex Family of vans was created. We noticed that a lot of Van Manufactures and Van Outfitters have been selling Sport vans for greatly over inflated prices for what basically is just an upgrade on the trim of a van we decided to be diffrent. We want to deliver you value for your money so we started to create Vortex vans originally starting with our most popular van the Vauxhall Vivaro. The range has now grown to include the Ford Transit Custom Vortex Sport.

To create the Vortex Sport Ford Transit Custom we have to start with a factory model and then apply our custom 17 piece body kit and your choice of a wide range of alloy wheels. We expertly fit all these parts to make your new Ford Transit Custom Vortex Sport a true work of art.

Our team hand fit the body kit and care for your new van. We then test to make sure that everything is in place and test drive your van to make sure that it glides on its brand-new alloy wheels.

Bellow you will see a selection of before and after pics of our latest Ford Transit Custom Vortex Sport. This was a high roof vehicle. For this van, we had to re-manufacture the rear spoiler so that it would fit. Feast your eyes on the before and after pics and let us know in the comments which van you would like to get the Vortex treatment next.

View our full range of Vortex Sport Vans by following THIS LINK.

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