Citroen have long been at the forefront of the UK LCV market in terms of their ‘green’ credentials. This has been reinforced with their current LCV line up which includes 3 vans that fall into the sub 120g/km CO2 emission LCVs –

– C2 Enterprise van (113g/km)
– Nemo 1.4HDi SensoDrive van (116g/km)
– Nemo 1.4HDi manual 5 speed van (119g/km)

Whilst the rest of the range also boasts some impressive figures, highlighted with the Citroen Relay panel van producing from just 208g/km, its the Nemo 1.4HDi that couples its low emissions with outstanding fuel economy.

In a recent independent Fuel Marathon conducted by Total Excellium, the Citroen Nemo returned a stunning figure of 84.09 mpg over a 411 mile course which covered every major British road from motorways to city driving.

These impressive figures coupled with an impressive load capacity and some very low monthly leasing prices makes for a real winner in our eyes. To see more on the Nemo and the rest of the Citroen range click here.

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