Citroen’s Colourful LCV Telematics Package is Upgraded!

Citroen have announced a number of enhancements  for the unique Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar systems for 2012, including significant operational and safety features.

One of the many enhancements is the ability to call for emergency assistance via the SOS icon on the colour touchscreen.  By pressing this symbol gives the user access to B-Call (breakdown call) and E-Call (emergency call) facilities.  All B-Calls are re-directed to the AA to ensure a fast response, and the E-Call facility is directly linked to the emergency services, where Trafficmaster liaise closely with the emergency services to ensure optimum responses.  When using the E-Call function, the GPS location of the user will be submitted to Trafficmaster, with this feature soon to be replicated in the B-Call function shortly.

Under European legislation, by 2015 all vehicles will require similar breakdown and emergency call features.

The new enhanced 5 inch colour touch screen fitted to all new Relay, Dispatch and Berlingo vans now includes:

  • Full colour UK and European mapping (European routing requires additional subscription).
  • A choice of 2D or 3D graphics.
  • A choice of mapping colours.
  • Visuals of the route overlaid on the map, as well as next direction and distance displays.
  • Auto-zoom function, plus additional pan and zoom facility.

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