A survey put together by leading fuel card reseller The Fuel Card Company shows that fleet drivers are putting safety before there own comfort.

The sat nav and the hands-free kit were voted the two most useful cab accessories in a poll of 1,106 of the company’s fleet customers. Approximately 42% said their in-cab satellite navigation system was the most important item in their vehicle, with the hands-free kit coming in second, suggesting commercial drivers are taking responsibility for the rise in motorists using mobile phones behind the wheel.

Jakes de Kock, marketing director of The Fuelcard Company, said: “If motorists are flouting mobile phone laws, it certainly isn’t the majority of business drivers. The fact that a combined total of 68 percent of drivers site their sat nav or hands-free kit as the most useful in-car accessory over personal comforts such as a heater, fan and CD player shows that commercial drivers are very much aware of their responsibility to other motorists in terms of minimising risk on the road.”

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