For one London Transit driver, something a simple as a dashcam can save them from a nightmare of an insurance bill. When a driver of Nissan Note jumped the red light and collided with the Ford Transit coming from the opposite direction. The Nissan Diver claimed they were not at fault and submitted a claim of just over £16,000.

Luckily for the van driver, they had their dash cam turned on and filming and submitted the footage that you can see here of them passing through a green. Proving that driver of the Nissan was at fault and avoided a potential insurance nightmare.

With the evidence of the dashcam footage, the Nissan driver had no choice but to drop the claim.

With over 33,000 traffic light systems an 23% increase from 2013. Red light jumping is fast becoming one of the UK’s biggest causes of road collisions. Seeing that 1/3 of UK drivers have admitted driving through a red light. Investing in a dashcam seems a very sensible option.

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