The LEZ (Low Emission Zone) initiative was introduced in 2008 to encourage the most polluting vehicle drivers in the capital, to become cleaner.  In January 2012 the LEZ standards become more stringent, meaning an additional 72,000 larger vans and minibuses will fall into the category that has to meet the lower emission requirements designed to tackle pollution in the London.

Owners of larger vans and minibuses from the Greater London area who do not meet the required emissions standards by this date, will have to pay a £100 daily charge or risk a £500 penalty.

In an effort to boost sales, some manufacturers are offering a variety of deals to London based commercial drivers to help upgrade their vehicles. For example, Ford Motor Company are offering owners of vans that are 10 years or older, up to £3,000 off a new Ford van.  This incentive is available on the Ford Fiesta Van, Ford Transit Connect and the iconic Ford Transit.

Citroën has also committed to the London Mayor’s Office to provide a ‘Go Green & Clean Allowance’ of up to £3,500 to help LCV operators affected by the 3 January 2012 changes to the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) scheme.

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