Ford Transit Van – This Is Your Life

Here are some key facts about Britain’s beloved Ford Transit

  • A new Ford Transit is sold every three minutes.
  • The Ford Transit covered the equivalent of 275 round-the-world trips during testing.
  • A Ford Transit was once buried in snow for six months then started first time.
  • Ford Took £33 million worth of orders before production had even started.
  • A Ford Transit in 1965 cost £542. The most expensive Transit listed at that time was a 15 seat Custom bus, which cost £997.
  • 1 in 4 UK Van Sales is a Transit
  • A Czech driver once complained when his clock stopped at 999,999km – he was given a brand new replacement
  • Scotland Yard once described the transit as the perfect getaway vehicle, used in 95{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40} of bank raids (good to know)
  • Two baby elephants travelled in a Ford Transit at London’s Regent Park Zoo.

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