Hydrogen generators as an alternative to conventional petrol-LPG conversions for LCV’s

With ever increasing fuel costs, we are seeing an increased demand for LPG/Dual Fuel vehicles. At roughly 60 pence per litre, LPG represents a huge saving over conventional fuels such as diesel and petrol. LPG converted vehicles also have the added benefit of being London Congestion Charge exempt (certainly if registered within the next month).

However, what if you currently run a diesel powered LCV and you cannot afford to change your diesel van for a petrol van. All is not lost. Crusader Vans has teamed up with TAD Communications, a leading aftermarket vehicle accessory provider, with clients including Royal Mail and DHL, to bring an alternative DIESEL fuel solution.

The Hydrogen Generator, produced directly by TAD Comms, uses existing technology to solve a modern day problem. The generator injects a small quantity of Browns Gas (a mix of hydrogen and oxygen) into the engine allowing diesel to burn more efficiently giving far better MPG.

Jim Dodd, Managing Director of the Dodd’s Group, has had hydrogen generators fitted to 50 vehicles on his fleet with impressive results – “It’s probably fair to say that the device could mean a total saving of between 5% in fuel costs.” Commercial Motor, 08 August 2008.

At £1800 + VAT supplied and fitted by TAD Comms, the potential savings are huge. Trevor Duerden, Managing Director at TAD, comments that he has seen huge demand for the in-house built Hydrogen Generator from existing and new clients alike. He has even gone so far as to fit one of the generators to his own pick up!

Follow the link to TADs website to use their fuel savings calculator to see how much you could potentially save on your annual fuel bills –

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