The Crusader offices are buzzing with excitement for the new Automatic Ford Transit Custom. Announced earlier this year at CV Show Ford will be launching the Ford Transit Custom in Automatic. The Automatic Ford Transit Custom comes with Ford’s Ecoblue diesel engine. This increases fuel efficiency by up to 13% compared to the previous TDCI engine. With CO2 emissions from 174g/km. The new automatic gearbox will come in a six-speed configuration. The Automatic Ford Transit Custom will be coming with a choice of the 130hp or 170hp Ecoblue diesel engine. Meaning that there is plenty of different engine sizes to fit your needs.

Features of The New Automatic Transmission:

The addition of the automatic gearbox will music to the ears of couriers and fleet managers alike. The added ease of use of the automatic engine makes this version of the Ford Transit Custom the easiest to use Transit out there.

With van use in mind, Ford have engineered this new automatic transmission. The transmission features a new torque converter and external casing. Based upon the durable design that has been a success for Ford’s front wheel drive commercial vehicles in North America. The torque unit has a capacity of more than 415Nm.

The transmission in the new automatic Ford Transit Custom is in intelligently designed for van use. Detecting when the transit is carrying a heavy load or traveling on a steep gradient. The transmission will adjust the shifting strategy. To fit the most optimal fuel efficiency.

Electronic control means the transmission both and quick and smooth gear changes. The impressive average shift times of less than 0.5 seconds. The transmission features SelectShift that allows the option of manual gear shifting. This gives you enhanced control via the switch mounted on the side of the gear lever.

The new automatic Ford Transit custom features Auto-Start-Stop that has been tuned for the needs of commercial vehicle customers. It has an on-demand electric pump. This pump maintains transmission pressure. This allows the driver to pull away as soon as the engine has re-started.

Additional Features:

The Ford Transit Custom will be available with advanced driver assistance technologies including side wind stabilisation, and pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection. We are very excited about the new automatic gearbox and see that it will become a key feature in choosing your next Transit.

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