Ford Are Getting All Flashy With Their New Ford Transit Custom Colour and Sport Editions Vans:

Ford have announced some rather snazzy new versions of their Transit Custom mid sized van. These vans are sure to turn head where ever they go. Featuring vibrant colour schemes and distinctive bodykits, we welcome the new Ford Transit Custom Colour and Sport Editions.

The Ford Transit Custom Colour Edition:

Ford’s new Colour Edition Transit Custom will come in a bight two-tone colour scheme. These colour combinations are Race Red, Deep Impact Blue, Frozen White with Jet Black contrasts, and finally in Shadow Black with Race Red contrasts. All of the four Colour Edition paint schemes will come complete with 17-inch black alloys. In typical Ford style will only come in one size. So if you fancy one if anything other than short when base with a standard roof you will be out of luck.

Underneath the vibrant hood of the new Colour Edition you will find the 290 Trend model Ford Transit Custom. So you are going to get a 168bhp 2.0-litre EcoBlue dial engine that will me mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Though you will also get the chassis settings for the Sport Series van. This means that the Colour Edition will feel more sporty than a standard 290 Trend.

Ford are realising just 400 units so if you fancy one of these vans you better be quick to snap one up. The first shipment of these vans are due in the Spring 2017.

Ford Transit Custom Sport:

Ford will now make the Ford Transit Custom Sport in six distinct variations. Including double-cab in both long and short wheelbase. So you can now fat its signature twin bonnet stripes in a wide rand of body styles.

Like the Colour Edition the Transit Custom Sport is based upon the 290 Trend. But unlike the Colour Edition there is an automatic available. It is not just the outside of the Sport that has been restyled with it’s colour scheme and bodykit. But when you step inside the cabin you will find a partial leather interior and a Ford SYNC connective package.

The chassis and the suspension of the Sport has been tweaked to make it feel more like a beast. Featuring a thicker front anti-roll bard and an additional rear anti-roll bar. Ford are really trying to push themselves in the performance van market.

In the spring of 2017 Ford will be rolling its Sport trim over to the Tourneo Custom minivans.

Though if spring 2017 seems a long old time to wait for the new Ford Transit Custom Colour and Sport Editions. Why not check out the new Vauxhall Vivaro Vortex. We think that this is a better looking and better driving more sporty alternative than the new Transit Custom Colour or Sport. Featuring it turned engine lowered ride unique body kit and 18” alloys the Vortex is a beast. The great news about the Vortex is that it is available to you today. With prices starting from £249.91 ex VAT per month. To read more about the Vortex click here.

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