New Ford Transit Custom

Ford have announced plans for the new Ford Transit Custom, due in March 2018 and say it will be a BIG revision on the outgoing model. As well as the facelift, we are expecting to see some changes to the trim level in the new Ford Transit Custom. From the images we have seen so far, it appears that Ford have replaced the unpopular alloys that feature on the current generation of Customs with a smaller, 16 inch version of the alloys from the Ford Transit Custom Sport. If our assumptions are correct and the images are of the Limited level of van, full colour coding is a thing of the past, with the new Ford Transit Custom featuring basic black body mouldings and rear step.

Outside Van Styling:

On the front end of the new 2018 Ford Transit Custom we are seeing a new front grill. This grill seems to be based upon the grill that we see on Transit Transit and makes. With its new grill the new Custom looks less streamlined and sporty then the current model. Also on the front we are seeing more aggressive headlamps and fog lights. We also be seeing the introduction of the Orange that Ford have seen to be popular on their Wildtrak version of the Ford Ranger.

Inside Van Styling:

Inside the cab, we are seeing the introduction of eight-inch SYNC 3 infotainment system complete with voice control that will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This new screen will make it more pratical for you to turn your van into an office allowing you to do more business functions from the cab of your new van. Sadly, styling is not what could have been and it looks like Ford have just stuck a iPad to the dashboard. The will now feature 25 litres of storage space with plenty of places for bits and bobs. Three storage bins, a generous glove box and under the gear lever fold out cup holder. The trim will feature partial leather with new embossed fabrics to make have a similar feel to the current line of Festers.

Driver Safety:

Ford have unveiled safety features to make sure that the new Transit Custom is the safest Transit out there. Alongside the pre-existing autonomous emergency breaking and lane keep assist systems Ford have announce a new range of safety features.  The New 2018 Ford Transit Custom will feature an Intelligent Speed Limiter, Traffic Sign Recognition and a Blind Spot warning system. Making you feel more secure behind the wheel.


Under the hood at launch we will be seeing the British Dagenham-built EcoBlue 2.0-litre diesel that is in the current line of Customs. But in 2019 we will be getting a future friendly plug-in hybrid (PHEV) zero emission engine. It could be sensible if you are doing a lot of business in London with the Ultra Low Emission Zone in planned to launch in April 2019, to wait for the PHEV engine. The PHEV engine is set to go test in some van fleets in London later this year so keep your eyes out for one of these test vans in London charging station. As for the Dagenham-built EcoBlue engine the new Custom will come with the 104bhp, 128bhp and 168bhp. Ford will also be launching a new ECOnetic version of the engine that will offer 49.6mpg & 148g/km of Carbon dioxide. This improved economy is made possible with a lower-powered engine that has been calibrated for economy. This is then combined with a start-stop engine function and special low rolling resistance tyres to make the van as economic as possible.


Sadly, so far despite all the information about add driver safety interior features and new engines there has been one big glaring emission any talk about security. The biggest bug bare of Transit Custom owners the lack lustre security has not been talked about. So, no mention of better locks, different key types, or reinforced rear doors. As of this moment no mention of improved security at all. Meaning For our failing their customers by not addressing the biggest issue effecting Transit Custom owners. I hope that shortly Ford will be out with an announced new security pack for the new Custom.


As with the previous custom we will be getting two roof heights and two wheelbase options with a max payload of up to 1,450kg. Double cab vans will also come out. Finally, Ford announced there plans for the Sport with its trademark twin bonnet stripes and body kit to come with a 168bhp engine.

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