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The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a hugely popular commercial vehicle that sells thousands of units around the world. Excitingly, Mercedes recently held the Sprinter Inno Campus innovation event and revealed details of the next-generation van with the version expected to come with high-tech driver assistance and access to precise van data. A new Mercedes Benz Sprinter is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2018, and other markets will follow shortly. The utilitarian vehicle will be presented with a wide array of versions to ensure customer needs are fully catered for. As has been the case with other Mercedes vehicles, the new van will feature a set of driver assistance systems and advanced telematics. It will now be easy for drivers and managers to track vehicle routes, location, service intervals, and fuel usage. What’s more, it will now be easier to track operating costs to see where it would be possible to save money.

The Digital Van

New Mercedes Benz Sprinter Interior DashThe design of the Sprinter presents a horizontal front, large grille and arrow-shaped headlights, bringing out an athletic look. The grille has faced major changes and is now in line with the grille of the X-Class pickup truck. Additional details will be revealed in the months to come and for the time being, there is only a design sketch that may actually be completely different from the real deal. When it comes to Mercedes, every van released comes with varying degrees of load height, wheelbase, trim levels and engine, so follow closely to see what the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter has to offer. Its launch will take place in the European markets and other markets to follow later. The production of the new Sprinter will stay in Ludwigsfelde and Dusseldorf, but there will also be a new plant in South Carolina which will make vehicles for North America, a region that has grown to be the second largest market for the model.

Why choose the Sprinter?

Are you running a parcel delivery or a trade business? Mercedes have come up with an interesting concept with the ‘In-Van Delivery’ idea. The crux of this, is to provide a secure space for deliveries to be made TO your van, even when you are not around. Goods and tools can be deposited right inside the van without any other interaction! Mercedes are also looking at ideas to make courier work and home delivery easier with ‘Pick-by-light’, an automated lighting system in the back of the van to highlight where the next item for delivery is as well as ‘first-in, first-out’ loading systems using a conveyor belt. All of this will be brought together using the all new ‘Connect’ app will help drivers stay informed of new jobs for maximum efficiency. Mercedes has embraced a modular approach, which will allow the creation of vehicles tailored to the intended area of use. Expected in the new Sprinter are refrigeration units, lockable compartments and state-of-the-art shelving. Although details of whether the vehicle will come with an extra set of wheels have not been provided, Mercedes is expected to make this a major part of its integration strategy.

Mercedes Benz Van Leasing

Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volker Mornhinweg has stated: ‘We want to do more than just build the best vehicles. We want to offer the most suitable mobility solution for every sector and for every transport assignment. And that is precisely our focus with the upcoming Sprinter generation as an overall system solution.’ Mercedes are looking at a more holistic approach to vehicle supply. They don’t just want to supply the van, they want to be a fully integrated business system, allowing businesses to focus on the core task at hand, rather than having to deal with all the other things that go with it. From these initial shots, you would be hard pressed to beat Mercedes Sprinter leasing given that it is a particularly versatile vehicle. It will present three wheelbase versions, four body lengths and three load compartment heights as well as manual and auto and an all electric version as well. On this basis and coupled with all the connected possibilities, you might want to think about Mercedes Benz van leasing.

Mercedes Sprinter Vs VW Crafter

The all New Mercedes Benz Sprinter will be the first Sprinter not to share the same production line as the VW Crafter. The new Crafter, launched in late 2016, is a solely VW produced effort built in its own dedicated factory in Poland. This subsequently gives Mercedes a lot more freedom to design and experiment for the ideas it thinks ITS customers want but also to meet the demand that has always been strong and is likely to grow in the coming years.

As soon as we have more info on what could be a logistics revolution, we’ll let you know!

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