So 2017 is finally upon on us. We have shaken off our hangovers survived 2016. It’s about time move the new year out of first gear & start to look forward to all that 2017 has to offer. Each new year means a new set of commercial vehicles will be hitting the road. In the blog we are highlighting are top 5 new vans for 2017.

Our Top 5 New Vans For 2017:

1. Mercedes-Benz X-Class: (Rumoured Release Late 2017)

In our number one spot of our Top 5 New Vans for 2017 it is the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. So it is looking like that 2017 will finally be the year that the X-Class will hit the roads. Over the tail end of 2016 X-Class has been spotted undergoing a range of testing to make sure that it will be road ready for 2017. We are still not sure how close the final X-Class will look to the Explorer & Adventurer concepts that we saw last year. But if it looks to either the rugged Adventurer or the more refined Explorer. This makes the X-Class is going to be hottest pick-up out there.

Developed in partnership Nissan the X-Class is based on Nissan’s classic NP300 Navara. So it will combine the robustness of the Navara with the high end performance of a Mercedes-Benz product. We are expecting the X-Class to feature the choice of either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed automatic. This will be combined with a range of 4 & 6 cylinder engines. We are expecting the X-Class to come in Mercedes-Benz’s standard range of trims. There is a possibility of AMG version but that will be dependent on market demands.

2. Vortex Sport Vauxhall Vivaro Double Cab: (Rumoured Release Early 2017)

In our number two spot of our Top 5 New Vans for 2017 it is the Vortex Sport Vauxhall Vivaro Double Cab. Following on the heels of our favourite van of 2016 the Vortex Sport Vauxhall Vivaro. 2017 will see Vortex Sport unleashing their biggest beast yet the Double Cab version of the Vauxhall Vivaro. The Double cab version will come in a standard long wheel base double cab. Also as well a short wheel base double cab with a custom fitted flip up bench seat. The Vortex Sport Double Cab Vauxhall Vivaro will combine all the awesome features of original Vortex Sport Vauxhall Vivaro.  With the added benefits and extra transport capabilities of a Double Cab van.

So alongside the extra seating space of a Double Cab van you will be getting all stand our features of the original Vortex Sport Vivaro. So this sport van will feature; 155 BHP engine, font splitter, rear spoiler, colour coded front grill, custom seat covers, full colour coded body kit, black or chrome side stylings bars, 18” wheel & tyre package with a choice of 5 alloy designs, improved torque mod with speed limiter, vinyl graphics full choice of colours, rear decal colour coding. Also we are hearing that Vortex Sport will be launching a configurator tool. So this tool will allow you configure your perfect Vortex Sport Van allowing you to choose any combination of the Vortex Sport styling features.

3. VW Transporter Kombi Sportline T6: (Release Early 2017)

In our number three spot of our Top 5 New Vans for 2017 it is the VW Transporter Kombi Sportline T6. As with all VW Sportline’s the new Transporter Kombi Sportline is going to make head turns. Combining a 177 BHP 2.0-Litre turbo diesel engine with the custom Sportline trim. Available in both short and long wheel bases. So this offers you the flexibility of van lengthens without compromising on the seating availability. Coming a choice of Candy White, Reflex Silver & Deep Black. Also the Sportline rides on 18” bi colour black and silver alloy wheels.  Other styling features of the Sportilne include; trapezoid styling bars, puddle lights and carbon-fibre mirror caps.

Inside of the cab VW have pimped out the Sportline. The Sportline features red & black embossed leather upholstery and Sportline branded floor mats. This sport van is decked out with the latest tech. Featuring: discover media touchscreen navigation system, app connect smartphone connectivity, air-con, heated windscreen, front parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, side scan lane change assist, LED headlights & LED tail lights.

4. Renault Alaskan: (Rumoured Release Early 2017)

In our number four spot of our Top 5 New Vans for 2017 it is the Renault Alaskan. Renault’s new one tone pick up is going kick up a storm. Developed via the Renault – Nissan partnership. Therefore this means the Alaskan Combines French style with Japanese reliability. Like the X-Class mentioned earlier the Alaskan has been developed from the legendary Nissan Navara. The core of the Alaskan range will be powered by 2.3 litre twin-turbodiesel engine that powers Renault’s Master range of van. In either an 158 or 187 BHP engine. The Alaskan will be offered in a choice of either rear or four-wheel drive. As well as a manual or automatic gearbox options.  With a choice of 16” or 18” wheel sizes.

The Alaskan will come in single-cab, double-cab, and chassis-cab body configurations. In the cabin your options will contain; heated front seats with eight-way power adjustment, dual-zone climate control, smartphone-compatible audio system, 5” TFT display, keyless entry, Bluetooth, 7” sat-nav, 360 ‘top-down’ camera system and steering wheel mounted controls.

5. Ford Transit Custom Automatic: (Release Early 2017)

In our number five spot of our Top 5 New Vans for 2017 it is the Ford Transit Custom Automatic. The new Automatic Ford Transit Custom. The new automatic gear box will come in a six-speed configuration. The Automatic Ford Transit Custom will be becoming with a choice of the 130hp or 170hp Ecoblue diesel engine. With van use in mind Ford have engineered this new automatic transmission. As well transmission features a new torque converter and external casing. Based upon the durable design that has been a success for Ford’s front wheel drive commercial vehicles in North America.

The torque unit has a capacity of more than 415Nm.  Detecting when the transit is carrying a heavy load or traveling on a steep gradient. The transmission will adjust the shifting strategy. To fit the most optimal fuel efficiency. Electronic control means the transmission both and quick and smooth gear changes. The impressive average shift times of less than 0.5 seconds. The transmission features SelectShift that allows the option of manual gear shifting. This gives you enhanced control via the switch mounted on the side of the gear lever.

The new automatic Ford Transit custom features Auto-Start-Stop that has been tuned for the needs of commercial vehicle customers. It has an on-demand electric pump. Therefore this pump maintains transmission pressure. This allows the driver to pull away as soon as the engine has re-started. The Ford Transit Custom will be available with advanced driver assistance technologies including side wind stabilisation, and pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection.

*Highly Commended* Charge Electric Trucks (Rumoured Late 2017)

Just missing out a place in our number Top 5 New Vans for 2017 is Charge Electric Trucks. Charge are looking to revolutionise van haulage. They are developing and ultra-light-weight electric autonomous van. Charge are the official truck company of Formula E & Roboracer motorsport series. Charge believe that using custom-built hardware that they can reduce operational costs by more than 50{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40}.

Featuring 100 mile range in full electric mode and 500 mile range in dual mode.  Charge are developing vehicles from 3.5-26 tonnes. Alongside the electric engine the vans being developed to be once legal fully autonomous. The software powering them can be updated over-the-air in the same way smartphone updates happen.

The Charge range has the potential revolutionise the commercial vehicle world. Both by a reduction in emissions alongside removing the need for driver. Reducing costs of getting goods out and automate systems. Delivery schedules can be worked out with no need for driver brakes increasing rates and times when goods can easily be delivered.

In Denis Sverdlov CEO @ Charge own words “We find trucks today totally unacceptable. At Charge we are making trucks the way they should be – affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe … We are removing all the barriers to entry for electric vehicles by pricing them in line with conventional trucks, giving every fleet manager, tradesman or company, no matter how big or small, the opportunity to change the way they transport goods and make our towns and cities better places to live in.”

So those where our Top 5 New Vans for 2017 and one extra one thrown in. Give us your feedback on out choices and let us know your own Top 5 New Vans for 2017 in the comments bellow.

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