Last year the DVSA found that 88.5% of the vans that they weighed were found to be overloaded. This has increased from just over 81% checked vans last year. With fines and penalties and spot checks happening in greater frequency it is becoming more and more and more important to make sure you know and check your loading limits.

As well as fines for overloading driving an overloaded van causes performance and handling issues.  An overloaded van is more difficult to stop and handle. Overloading will lead to the brakes and suspensions wearing quicker.

Watch the video below with advice from the government on vehicle weights limits and loading.

It is not only overloading that is causing an issue of the vans stopped on the roadside last year:

  • 50% failed their MOT
  • 63% have serious mechanical defects

Unlike HGV’s where daily checks are required by law LCV’s are not. This leads to many vans going out overloaded and with mechanical defects. We recommend that vans are checked and have daily maintenance. SMMT have a handy guide on what daily checks should be undertaken, visit by following this link.

To find more information on government guidance and fines for vans please visit the government website by following this link.

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