Peugeot UK is welcoming the introduction of new CO2 targets as it already meets stringent CO2 emission guidelines.

The guidelines on CO2 will come into effect in 2014 and dictate that manufacturers must ensure that 70{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40} of their van fleet emit less than 175 g/km CO2 or less. This increases to 75 per cent the following year, 80 per cent by 1016 and 100 percent from 2017.

Peugeot use’s the ultra-efficient Euro 5 HDi engines, in its 207, Bipper and Partner van ranges already meaning that the models are well below the ‘longer ‘term’ target of 147 g/km CO2, set for introduction in 2020.  These big-selling clean and economic small vans help bring the overall fleet figure well within the 2014 target.

Peugeot will look to introduce the Euro 5 engine into the larger Peugeot Expert van and Peugeot Boxer van helping van leasing customers to reduce fuel costs and lower CO2 emissions whilst maintaining power and torque.

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