The RAC, the UK’s longest established motoring organisation, have launched a FREE application for users of the Apple iPhone and the Google Android mobile phones.

The app accesses your device’s GPS to calculate your precise location. It shows a start and finish point of any congestion in your vicinity, which is overlaid onto Google Maps. The level of detail will give motorists the most precise and accurate view of live traffic conditions to the UK’s roads that is currently available on a mobile phone app. The app utilises up-to-the-minute traffic updates from Trafficlink, the UK’s leading provider of real time traffic information.

RAC’s director of sales and marketing, Saj Arshad, told Pocket-lint: “RAC’s first app is a natural companion for motorists who frequently feel thwarted by the growing problem of congestion on the UK’s roads. Given the popularity of our Route Planner online, we know motorists trust RAC when it comes to all things motoring. We’re delighted to build on this legacy with a free app to help motorists plan their journeys using live traffic information”.
For more information on RAC’s mobile traffic app and to download the app for free, please visit the iTunes App Store or Android Market.

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