I was asked the question the other day, why should I lease a van now in these hard economical times? Well the answer to that is that it is a buyers market out there.

One of the key factors is the abundance of overage stock available within the market place. Many of the major manufacturers have over ordered on stock when times were good and now have far more vehicles than they can sell. As a consequence, rising holding costs and fewer buyers mean that deals must be done and dealers are keen to do whatever it takes to get rid of stock. We are currently seeing an average saving of £500 on vehicles this year compared to last year as new and better discounts appear in an attempt to bring back consumer confidence.

The other major factor is the seriously low finance rates currently available. With the Bank of England base rate down at 0.5{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40}, borrowing money has never been cheaper. We are currently able to offer rates as low as 3{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40} flat on our popular finance lease deals over 3,4 & 5 years with European finance house ING Lease. This compares well when you look at finance rates a year ago which were running closer to 6{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40}.

It’s important to remember that whatever rate you do get on your finance package, it will be fixed for the term of the agreement. If you can get a rate of 3{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40} today it will be the same for say 3, 4 or 5 years. This means a huge saving can be made over any increase in interest rates in the future.

So with a vast range of product and low finance rates, there couldn’t be a better time to finance your new van. Have a look at our ‘Leasing Explained’ page for a guide on what finance products we have available and if you need any more info or even some finance figures please give Shane a call in our sales team. You can reach him on 01435 865494.

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