Lord Mandelson has announced that the UK scrappage scheme which originally started in May this year has been extended to cover a further 100,000 cars and vans. The £300m initiative had been due to end in February or when the limit of 300,000 vehicles being scrapped was reached. So far 227,750 orders have been placed through the scheme at a cost of £1,000 per vehicle. The extension means a total of £400m will have been invested into the scheme. There have been a couple of other changes to the scheme, the age qualification has been changed by six months to any car registered before 29 February 2000 and the minimum age of vans being scrapped has been cut from 10 years to 8 years.

One of the problems we see with the scrappage scheme is the vehicle must have a valid MOT. Why does a vehicle that is about to be scrapped need a valid MOT!!!! However, an even bigger problem is the discount is only off the full retail price?! Perhaps the government could announce that Crusader Vans can already help save over 40{67875dbbb75e239e1327433ad0a9237bcfc99dda436c4cdd620a2780dac0bd40} off the UK dealer list price on most makes of commercial vehicles, therefore making Crusader Vans better value for money. So forget the government scrappage scheme and vote Crusader Vans!!!

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