Why is everyone talking about Space Jam 2?

Here at Crusader Vehicles, we love Space Jam. And rumours of a second cosmic sports movie have been flying faster than Michael Jordan’s slamdunks…

Rumours of Space Jam 2 have been orbiting for a while, with fans of the Bugs Bunny/Michael Jordan comedy seemingly convinced a second instalment will be happening.

But why…Well, the speculation dates back to 2012, when basketball player and actor LeBron James tweeted a fan saying he wished he could star in a sequel to the 1996 film.

And then last February, it was reported that Space Jam 2 was in the works with James as the lead and TV producer Charlie Ebersol directing – a story flatly denied by the actor himself and his agent.That looked to be the end of the story. Goodbye, new generation of Monstars.

Until… last month when Warner Brothers filed to renew its trademarks for Space Jam. Then yesterday they announced they were joining forces in an “unprecedented” creative partnership with James. A basketball player teaming up with the production company who own Space Jam? Yep, sounds like a new Space Jam film to us.

Whether you’re excited about a new instalment or think the very idea is a travesty, we advice you to take a look at the original Space Jam Website here, which is still up. It’s amazing.

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