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Undoubtedly Ultra Low Emissions Zones or ULEZ are here to stay.


The scheme that commenced as of April 8th 2019 in London started with the aim of improving Londoners health by cleaning up the city’s air to avoid the early death of many citizens every year.


Why Implement the ULEZ chargeulez


ULEZ is part of a hard set of measures introduced to tackle the public health crisis in London’s air pollution. The high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that contribute to the illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) caused by road transport have been the reason for the thousands of early deaths in the capital.

The scheme will help to reduce NOx and NO2 emissions to protect the public, especially children, from lung damage, breathing illness and heart disease in adults, as well as protecting the people exposed to high levels of pollution.


London’s ULEZ Zone


The zone covers the same area as the Low Emission Zone with the difference that cars and motorcycles are now included. Commercial vehicles, cars and motorcycles must now meet tighter emissions standard or pay the daily charge to travel within the charge area. This is in addition to the weekday Congestion Charge.


Check if you’re vehicle is affected by the ULEZ scheme


Check which areas are within the ULEZ



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The  daily fee is £12.50 per day for cars, motorcycles and vans up to 3.5 tones if the vehicle doesn’t meet the low emission standard of the zone.

For heavier vehicles including lorries over 3.5 tonnes and buses / coaches over 5 tonnes the daily fee is £100.


Renault Vans     Ford Vans


Which UK Cities are Introducing the ULEZ charge


From the success of the scheme in London new cities around the UK have now decided to introduce the ULEZ in order to improve air quality in their towns.

Although there is an apparent disparity from each city as to the conditions of the scheme. What is clear though is that Ultra Low Emissions Zones will be a fixed part of our cities and towns.


vehicles in city centre on the road


Cities in 2020


Bath, Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford, Brighton and York.


Cities implementing it in 2021


Greater Manchester, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee.


Cities implementing it in 2023




Other cities at various stages of deciding or implementing some sort of air quality scheme


Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Liverpool, Tyneside.


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