The Government’s car and van scrappage scheme “will provide motorists with a £2,000 discount on new vehicles bought when they trade in cars and vans that are 10 years old. It will be a time-limited scheme until March 2010.” (Alistair Darling, April 22nd Budget)

The Chancellor gave the impression that the £2,000 per new car/van scrappage plan would be paid for by the Treasury, it later emerged that the Government will only be prepared to meet a maximum 50% (£1,000), with the onus on participating dealers/manufacturers to contribute the remaining £1,000.

One of the key points about the scrappage scheme is that the £2,000 allowance will only come off of the full retail price, it cannot be offered in conjunction with any other offer. The Chancellor also neglected to say that Crusader Vans already get fantastic discounts through our massive buying power along with extra support from dealers and manufacturers. We have been consistently offering heavily discounted vans to our customers long before the scrappage scheme came along. What’s even better is that you don’t have to have 10-year-old van to take advantage of our discounts!

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