An increasing number of van operators in the UK are at risk of causing a tyre related accident as they are failing to check and look after the condition of their tyres properly. The latest VOSA effectiveness report shows that ‘condition of tyres’ remains the most frequent prohibition defect at spot checks on light goods vehicles across the country.

Drivers should ensure the tyres are in a roadworthy condition before setting off each day. Drivers found to be driving on illegal tyres risk incurring a personal fine of £2,500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre.

“Van tyres lead a particularly hard life so it is critical that operators regularly check the condition of their tyres for signs of damage or premature and uneven wear,” explains Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “Building site debris or regular scuffing on kerbs during delivery drops can cause significant damage to tyres. If left unchecked, they may fail at a critical moment, risking serious injury for the driver and other road users.”

In addition to the risks, van drivers also face a number of additional costs by failing to look after their tyres properly. Under-inflated tyres will not only wear out quicker, but the vehicle’s fuel economy deteriorates. Vehicle downtime at the roadside or in the workshop changing or repairing tyres means the vehicle is not earning money, and if deliveries are delayed, this can trigger penalty payments to customers.

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