New European legislation states that all new light commercial vehicles must use Daytime Running Lights (DRL) from now on. DRL are special low emission lights that turn on automatically when the engine is started, increasing visibility for other road users from the moment the driver gets behind the wheel. DRL are not as bright as dipped beams and consequently use less power, producing lower CO2.

We have seen examples of DRL for many years in Sweden. DRL has been mandatory on all new cars for some time and has reduced Swedens death rate from road traffic accidents to the lowest in the world per hundred thousand.

Antonio Tajani, European Commission vice president for industry and entrepreneurship states “Daytime running lights will make an important contribution to our goal of reducing casualties on European roads. This is also good news for environment protection as the lower energy consumption rates will reduce CO2 emissions compared to normal lights.”

Watch out for new vans with Daytime Running Lights come to our roads soon!

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