Vauxhall’s All New Combo!

With more and more smaller vans creeping onto the market, why has the New Combo got bigger?  The answer, maximised load volume and payload, cleverly disguised in a vehicle with the footprint of a mid-sized family estate!

With the current trend of downsizing, the New Combo offers unbelievable load for a van of its size, not including  the all new wheelbase variations!  Available in L1H1, L1H2 and L2H1, with load volumes of 3.4m3, 4.0m3 and 4.2m3 respectively, with up to 1000kg payload.  It’s these figures which make the New Combo a very worthy choice.

Vauxhall have developed a multitude of space saving and efficient features, including internal ladder racks, full-height steel bulkhead and the all new Techshift gearbox, allowing maximum concentration on the road, ideal for stop/start urban traffic, allowing the dedicated gearbox computer to take full control.  Other benefits include reduced clutch wear and lower fuel consumption over the manual gearbox variant of the L2H1 2300 1.6CDTi, offering 56.6mpg.  With 290Nm of torque ensured that the 1000kg won’t be left flagging in that uphill traffic.

Thanks to the New Combo’s innovative layout and design means it drives like a car, with features such as power assisted steering, rake and reach adjustment, TomTom pre-installation, optional glazed doors or tailgate, electric windows, anti-lock brakes and Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t be short of options.

The previous combo won the hearts of many, with its practical features and low running costs, the New Combo offers this and so much more, making it one of the leaders in it’s class.

Please check back with us during February for all pricing on the New Combo.

See the current Combo range here

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