What to Consider When Buying a Van for your Business


What to consider when buying a van for your business – that is quite a simple yet important question – Buying a new van for your business is a very important decision, whether you run a large company with a fleet of vans, or you’re a single owner-operator.

When choosing a van, you would make sure it fits your needs, the same goes for the finance product you choose to help fund the purchase. With so many options available nowadays, choosing the best one for you and your business can be a minefield.


New Van vs Used Van


A used van can be quite appealing at first, however there are many variables to consider.

We speak with small business owners and new start companies, many of whom are attracted to the lower up-front cost of a used van. However, choosing the wrong used van can turn an initial saving into a larger whole-life cost.

Van history, mechanical issues, miles covered, price vs condition, are all variables to take into consideration when looking at a used van.

However, a pristine, brand new van with no previous keepers, no patchy service history, and a full manufacturer’s warranty gives you peace of mind and worry free motoring.


Nissan NV


What to consider when buying a van for your business

New vs Used Vans


Used Van


  • You can be one of the multiple registered keeper
  • No certainty on the vehicle’s health and mechanical functionality
  • Usually an old van
  • No euro 6 engine leaving you to cover ULEZ charges
  • Don’t know how it was driven by the previous owner
  • Repair and MOT bills
  • Wear and tear bills


New Van


  • Higher mechanical reliability
  • Latest technology
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Zero miles
  • Guarantee you’re the first owner
  • New Euro 6 engines saving you in ULEZ charges
  • Finance plans available based on your circumstances
  • Big lease discounts
  • More personalised choice
  • Lower emissions
  • Choice between electric and petrol/diesel
  • Less hassle to find what you want within your price range


Can I claim a van against my tax bill?



The quick answer to that is YES.

However, always make sure to check with your accountant as their expert advice will allow you to maximise the tax-efficiency of your investments.


Where should I buy my new van from?


New vans can be bought directly from the manufacturer, or through franchised dealers or brokers who will aim to save you time and money.

When searching for dealer or brokers, make sure to do a quick check on the following:


  • Check out their website to understand how long the dealer has been trading for
  • Check their office / showroom address to verify they are genuine
  • Check out customer reviews either on their Facebook page or Google
  • See if they are registered with a regulatory body such as Financial Conduct Authority.


When buying a used van, you can go to a franchised dealer, a used van specialist or a private seller. However, always try to bear the following in mind:


  • Be careful when buying from websites such as Gumtree or similar
  • Always do a test drive before buying
  • Try to get the vehicle checked by a certified mechanic
  • Check the vehicle has no previous unrecorded accidents or is not stolen
  • Never exchange money until you have carried out these checks and are completely satisfied.


What to consider before buying a van for my business?


orange mitsubishi L200 warrior series 6


Deciding what van to buy can be tricky as your needs may change over time.

When deciding to buy a van choosing the right finance plan is as well as important as deciding the model, colour and size of your new van.

Nowadays the variety of vans in the market is huge. Small, medium or large, electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel, there’s a van for every job.

If you’re travelling into London every day for example, you might want a full-electric van to stay compliant with clean air legislation.

If you’re a plumber, you might want a van with a load through bulkhead, suitable for 3 metre lengths, so that you don’t have to invest in a roof rack and pipe carrier

Or, if you’re a landscape gardener, you may choose a pickup with a washable bed-liner and 4×4 capability for those muddy winter jobs!


Some recommended vans for plumbers, builders and gardeners / landscape designer




VW Transporter T6

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Ford Transit Custom


Gardeners / Landscape Designer


Mitsubishi L200 Warrior or Mitsubishi L200 Challenger great for transporting soil and plants as well as having great tracking power




Citroen Relay

Mercedes Benza Sprinter 314

Ford Transit Custom; as they all have great payload


Price of a Used Van vs the price of a New Van


We understand that up front cost can be a deciding factor when investing in a new van, and that used vans are a more attractive prospect in this respect.

However, with so many bespoke leasing deals to suit your circumstances, deposit, and annual mileage, a new van could cost less than you think.


As well as when choosing the right manufacturer, choosing the right dealer or broker is essential to finding the best finance plans out there. If you’re looking for a bespoke finance deal for your new van give us a call or check out van deals HERE.


grey mercedes vito van from the front




Regardless of whether you decide to buy a new or used van, the most important thing is to understand the options out there and choose the most suitable van for your current and future business needs, budget and work type.

If you’re in the market for a new check out latest deals and finance plans on our website.

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